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New York Warehousing | Same Day Delivery

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Warehousing Services


At Need It Now Courier Service, we store and ship freight that is required to either be on hand ready to ship nearby at a moment’s notice as well as cross docking shipments that is transferred to the most expedient means of delivery in the local area. We don’t require contracts or termination fees and are both asset and non-asset based (either using our own or other vehicles as required for faster delivery) in the warehouse business.

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With over 2,000,000 cubic feet of warehouse space available, our customers have the option to not only have their materials shipped around town or around the world from a single source, but also the ability to store and inventory their materials as well. The main storage facilities are sprinklered and secured, with a sophisticated camera system. We also has gated secure areas and on-demand distribution capabilities.

At Manhattan Courier Services we provide:

  • Short and Long Term Storage
  • Skid Storage
  • Archive Record Storage
  • Material Pick, Pack and Ship
  • Break Bulk Service
  • Seasonal Merchandise Handling
  • Overflow Storage with “Just in Time” Inventory
  • Barcode Tracking System
  • Remote user access

There is no long-term commitment required for Need It Now Courier’ warehousing services. We offer a flexible week-to-week time period for your convenience. Our warehousing space is available in a variety of different sizes including floor space. Rack Slots are 4 x 4 x 4. Your inventory is always insured for a minimum of $5,000 per Rack Slot.