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When it’s necessary to move your shipment a long distance in a short amount of time, our Air Freight Service offers a great way to reduce transit time. There are more than 28,000 domestic commercial flights each day. By linking our network of agents with these flights, we can move your shipments anywhere in the United States within one day, in most cases.

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NEED IT NOW’s Air Freight services have been in business since 1987. Our air freight services include same-day delivery anywhere in the U.S., daily service to all Canadian cities, shipping to most international cities, and all air freight deliveries are time specific. Through air freight shipping, we get your precious cargo on the next available flight and deliver it directly to the consignee. With Need It Now New York Services, we believe you deserve to work with an air freight same day service company, where our representatives have the experience, technology, and staffing to get your packages where they need to be. Our software will allow us to send your package on the quickest available flight out to the nearest airport to your destination.