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New York Luggage Delivery Service | Same Day Delivery

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Luggage Delivery

Luggage Delivery Services


Need It Now Courier Services offers a specialty service to send luggage ahead to nearly any destination, worldwide, to avoid the inconvenience of carrying, checking and claiming bags – even going through customs. On-time delivery is guaranteed, allowing you the ability to avoid unnecessary aggravation, save time, and protect your possessions – simply and in style.

[bt_cost_calculator admin_email=”mark@1-800Courier.com” subject=”Luggage Quote” email_client=”yes” time_start=”09:00″ time_end=”17:00″ currency=”$” m_name=”Mandatory” m_email=”Mandatory” m_phone=”” m_address=”” m_date=”” m_time=”” m_message=”” accent_color=”” show_booking=”” rec_site_key=”” rec_secret_key=”” paypal_email=”” paypal_cart_name=”” paypal_currency=”” el_class=”” el_style=”” email_confirmation=”” currency_after=””][bt_cc_group eval=”service=$1
return price;” paypal_label=””][bt_cc_item name=”Delivery Speed” type=”select” value=”1 Business Day;5.8;Delivery by 10:30AM
1 Business Day;5.25;Delivery by 3:00PM
2 Business Days;4.5;Delivery by 7:00PM
3 Business Days;3.0;Delivery by 7:00PM
5 Business Days;2.2;Delivery by 7:00PM
Hawaii or Alaska;4;Business Days by 7:00PM” images=”” img_height=””][/bt_cc_item][bt_cc_item name=”Weight (lbs)” type=”slider” value=”5;200;1;1″ images=”” img_height=””][/bt_cc_item][/bt_cc_group]

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Travel Convenience

Courier Service

We pick up your bags at your home or office, ships them to your destination, and at the end of the stay sends them back.

Protective Packaging

Company representatives arrive, wrap the bags in protective plastic, tag them and transport them directly to your destination. You do nothing but pick up the phone and pack.

Worldwide Door to Door

We deliver door-to-door anywhere in the United States as well as to over 120 countries worldwide.

Completely Insured

Shipments are insured for up to $1,000 as part of the service, with unlimited additional coverage available.


As each shipment is delivered, you are notified via the method of your choice, outlining time of delivery and name of recipient, allowing you the ability to travel with the peace of mind of knowing that your luggage is waiting for you.